Create a Wallet

  1. First. Breath! You can do it too.
  2. Go to in your favorite browser
  3. Select in the menu: Create new wallet! 
  4. Don’t use facebook or other social accounts for this.
  5. Write down your seed  (and keep it incredibly safe)
  6. Fill in the word (6 x). Did you write your seed down?
  7. A password. Please remember! 
  8. Finally store your key somewhere. You have a shortcut to login a next time.

Buy Tezos

Grap your First NFT

  1. Go to objkt. com in your favorite browser
  2. Press Sync, open your kukai wallet and give permission for this website.
  3. Search for NFT Playground, and look at ‘owned’
  4. Make any offer or buy, preferably the genesis
  5. Open your kukai wallet and confirm your transaction
  6. Wait….. multiple computers are granting consensus
  7. Dit you recieve it?