NFT Playground Amsterdam opens to onboard Web3 enthusiasts

In the heart of Amsterdam, located at the corner of Vijzelgracht and Weteringcircuit, a team of crypto revolutionists transformed 200 m2 of open space into an immersive workplace for crypto enthusiasts wanting to get involved in the Web3 Ecosystem.

Founder Bart Bloemers: “NFT Playground wants to be the no.1 introduction to the Web3 Ecosystem for all curious minded people, entrepreneurs and artists. Our space is for you if you want to learn, meet up and work together with others to explore the possibilities of NFT’s. We teach you how to grab your own NFT, trade them, or get involved in NFT projects. All summer you are welcome.”

The green walled playground transformed its identity over the last couple of days, still showing traces of its former function La Médiatheque, of the French Institute. However, from 10th June onwards it will function as a Digital Art Gallery, Co-Working space and educational place. Participants are welcome to become a member of the DAO as well.

Bart: “At the end of Augustus we aim for a dream launch event: a digital art exhibition, inviting local artists to show their work. We also think of inviting international artists like Xerox, and contributors from Berlin and/or Paris. Digital art fans, collectors, traders and entrepreneurs should feel free to join us. Anyone who has an idea, can contact us about it.”

NFT Playground’s large rectangular space offers free WiFi, coffee and seats for all wanting to collaborate and connect. The space will be accessible all summer from 10th of June onwards, till the 1st of September. Supported by Dutch organization BCNL, Bloemers expects quite a crowd. He smiles: “It is going to be a Hot NFT Summer. Let’s go!”

From 10th of June till 1st of September 2022

Weteringdwarsstraat 107, Amsterdam

How to get there:
Metro station ‘Vijzelgracht’ with the North South Line (Noord Zuid Lijn) from Amsterdam CS.
Directions via Google Maps here



This new initiative is supported by
Blockdam, Copernicus Beer and BCNL Foundation

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