NFT Playground Amsterdam


On Saturday, August 27, we will organise our NFT Dream  Event. 

Prepare yourself for a great night out, together with curious minded crypto lovers, local and international artists, collectors and performers. There will be music and drinks.



The programme below may be subject to change

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Be welcome

18h30 - 19h30

Enjoy drinks and new encounters in our unique space in this very old building. Do you recognize the green colors? Take a look around and enjoy the latest digital art displayed on the special Meural screens.

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Stretching the mediavisible borders


The powerful voice of opera singer Naïr accompanied by the virtuoso keys of Nicolae will make their performance sound like music in the wind.
Live recording and minting of the performance, which is pretty cool.

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Walk & talk with Kerim Safa


Renowned artist Kerim Safa has been exploring the Web3 since Day One and has been a successful artist and collector, in NFT space. After his talk we will walk around to enjoy this marvelous art exhibit.

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The Audience is Present


Inspired by Marina Abramovic’ captivating performance  “The Artist is Present” at MoMA NYC,  the NFT Playground presents “The Audience is Present”

Our colourless actor was confronted with the expressive colourful LGBTQIA+ community driven by Choice DAO that celebrated their annual party of inclusivity in Amsterdam canals. They merged with our actor, as they try to get his attention, becoming actors themselves.

The sneak peeks of the photos by Life.anchors will be revealed during this summer evening.

Bitcoin Beats


Experimental progressive house performed by Maureen Kamphuis based on the price of bitcoin. The average time to generate a Bitcoin block is about 9 minutes and 36 seconds, as will be the duration of this symphonic composition.

Block Play CC BY 04 | Created by Bas van der Paardt for


22h00 - 0h00

We end our meet-up with some groovy vibes by Hero De Janeiro creating an experience with his NFTs around our dance floor. Hero is a lifelong street artist and dj from Amsterdam.

Free entry, pay for your drink.

You can drink Copernicus Beer!!! The first decentral beer in the world. How it works? Come join this evening and we can tell you.


The NFT Playground initiative is supported by: Blockdam, Copernicus Beer,  BCNL Foundation, Life Anchors, W3blab and Not First Tuesday

Want to contribute?

 Do you want to contribute to the Dream Launch event? We are open for initiatives that contribute to our Playground. Just join one of our sessions on a Friday co working day, and present us your ideas!


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