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It is time for us to secure a larger and more permanent space that will provide us with a solid and stable foundation to further explore and expand the exciting world of NFTs. Our own NFT Clubhouse in Amsterdam. Calling all creators!

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Welcome to the NFT Playground in Amsterdam, where we have been bringing the world of NFTs to life for over a year now! In fact, Amsterdam has emerged as a global hub in the NFT ecosystem and we are proud to be a part of it.

Currently, we are operating from a temporary space of 200 m2, however, we are looking to establish a permanent location where we can continue to explore the exciting world of NFTs for artists, entrepreneurs and companies looking for opportunities in Web3.

Our goal is to create a dedicated space that allows us to continue spreading knowledge and give access to NFT’s for everyone, while also fostering the growth and development of the Dutch NFT ecosystem, to conquer a position in the international field of Web3.

What do we envision in the future NFT Playground? Far more screens to collect and trade NFTs,  a Gallery with regular exhibitions, an active Event program with meetups, lectures, and training sessions, as well as that we want to offer Workspace for artists and entrepreneurs.

Our vision is simple: Unleash your creativity

With your support, we can offer artists and others a global hub in the NFT ecosystem. The moment is now, and we are ready to make it happen. Let’s discover, connect, and build towards a brighter future for NFTs and Web3. We want to make history together and therefore have created a NFT Playground pass for all who want to join!


As a friend of the NFT Playground, you will gain access to our thriving community of NFT artists, be able to showcase your own artwork in our gallery, and join events to dive into the NFT art world. We support you by sharing knowledge and connections, that help you make your mark in the NFT art world.


  • Regular events and meet ups in the space
  • Event and activities updates: we recently went to NFT Paris and plan for DevConnect Istanbul
  • Opportunity to exhibit or rent the space for your own art work
  • Opportunity to meet new friends and work together
  • Great coffee and bar
  • Learn about crypto from experts and specialist whom we invite for sessions

What will it cost? You will pay only €212  to join this great HUB that we want to create. The pass can be redeemed for an annual membership pass, if we have been able to find a permanent place with this money.

If you have any other questions, just e-mail to:

otherwise CLICK on the link for your playground pass and join the NFT Playground.


For all requests regarding renting (future) space, training sessions, partnership or sponsorship opportunities, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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