Welcome to the NFT Playground

Create your first NFT with us

At the heart of Amsterdam, located at Weteringdwarsstraat 107, we transformed 200 m2 of open space into an immersive Playground for crypto revolutionists.

You are welcome here to meet with the new players of this upcoming industry. Mint some art in our space, or bring your lap top to work here.  Sign up for a workshop or masterclass with one of our members. Don’t forget to grab a coffee from our retro coffee machines and encounter other creators! 

The coming 3 months we will organize workshops on how to purchase, find or create Digital Art and NFT’s and onboard artists that are hungry for more.

Check our calendar for sessions; a Dream Launch Event will be held inviting international Digital Artists like XeroX at the end of August. Why not bring friends  to make them also enthusiastic.

Our team is ready to give you a crypto jumpstart!

What do we do?

  • onboarding new enthusiasts (How to create, sell or collect NFT’s)
  • onboarding for local artists  (Target audience // how to sell // NFT workshops)
  • Connecting around web3 (Meetup/NFT events/ Community Calls/ Co-working)
  • Exhibition (Digital Art / NFT’s / Glitch/)

Access to the Playground is free

Why participate?

If you also feel that the world needs more decentralization, more digital art, and more opportunities for collaborating artists, then you might want to come over and join!

The NFT Playground initiative is supported by: Blockdam, Copernicus Beer and BCNL Foundation